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It was 2012 when inside the mind of Bruno Natalini, a former member of  "Club Nazionale Fuoristrada", grew up the idea to create a delegation in Montalcino. The reason about Montalcino is quickly told: Bruno Natalini was born and lives in this worldwide known town, where the internationally famous and appreciated Brunello di Montalcino has its birthplace.
Therefore, the Delegation of  "Club Nazionale Fuoristrada" - which should not be forgotten, was the first Italian Club exclusively dedicated to four-wheel drive cars and from which the Italian Off-Road Federation was born -  got created and named "I Beverendi in 4x4".
Since the beginning this Club demonstrated a great passion for four-wheel drive word and great organizational skills, realizing lots of events that led to the main one, "Due Mari" wich headed from the Tyrrhenian Sea to Adriatic in 2015 and from Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian in the following year.
The, as said, volcanic mind of Bruno Natalini could not stop here so, after all the recognized successes, thanks to the innovating ideas, but above all to the undeniable will and abnegation of all the Club members, "The Beverendi in 4x4" became a Club by itself, satisfying its members’ will to grow up and to do a new experience, to break away from the "National Fuoristrada Club" and give life to an autonomous reality.
The official birth as a new Club took place on Friday 27 October 2017 at the "Fattoria dei Barbi", a marvellous and "historic" estate in Montalcino (it dates back to 700).
During the welcome speech Bruno Natalini could not avoid talking about  " Club Nazionale Fuoristrada", of which he remains a member, asserting that this Bologna Club "taught off-roading to all of Italy", underlining the great respect due to the "CNF"  which, he remembers, "is the Club".

Bruno Natalini then added: "for the success of the Club it is essential that all the Members are linked by a great unity and friendship and show their will to give help. "One for all and all for one" is an old and very used statement, but really important and very true. It is also essential that our desire to create, that made us achieve the very important goals we set to ourselves, gets always greater ".
There was also a nod to the media. "Great and due relevance must be given to the media, first of all the press and all the communication channels born with the digital age. We want to be a modern and extremely connected to communication Club ".
Then, with great satisfaction, it was pointed out that the members of "I Beverendi in 4x4" are already as many as 36, coming not only from Tuscany, but from many other parts of Italy and everything suggests that their number aims to grow in a very short time .
The presence, despite a physical problem, of Marco Pacini, President of the "Italian Fuoristrada Federation" gave even greater importance to the ceremony .
"I thought it was time for" I Beverendi in 4x4 ", thanks to the success and importance of the events organized, to break away from the" C.N.F. "and have their own identity. This geographical area deserved a Club and the Club was finally born". These were Marco Pacini’s words spoken during his speech.
There was obviously no lack of thanks to all those who believed in Bruno Natalini's ideas right from the start, working hard to get the recognized successes, both as Partners and External Structures including the Amateur Radio Group "Il Cinus".
"The Beverendi in 4x4" are also going to have a delegation in Emilia and more specifically in Sestola (a well-known tourist town in the Modena Apennines).
In addition, within "I Beverendi in 4x4" is  supposed to rise a "women's group" , which will have as main member Francesca Bendandi, known in the 4x4 world for her important ideas including "Il Raduno Rosa".

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